Mi experiencia en el Rancho de Playa Sofia (Costa Azul en El Salvador)

Hola a todos!

Hoy queria comentarles que estoy escribiendo este blog en Español, al igual que en Ingles.

Pues, a que no adivinan? Me fui de viaje a El Salvador, y termine en una de mis playas favoritas: Playa Costa Azul.

Mis amigos y yo decidimos que queriamos quedarnos junto frente a la playa. Nuestra busqueda para encontrar los mejores ranchos de playa en alquiler fue como encontramos el Rancho Sofia.

Pues de lo mejor.

Aqui les muestro una foto del Rancho Sofia que estaba justo frente a la playa de Costa Azul en El Salvador:

rancho de playa en alquier - Rancho Sofia

Nuestros dias se vieron asi:

Dia 1 

Fuimos a la playa con Juana, Marco y Miguel.

Juana llevo su toalla que habia comprado en Hilasal, de las mejores de El Salvador.

Otra cosa que nos llamo la atencion fue la solitud de esta playa, casi no habia nadie, y esto implico que podiamos quedarnos tomando el sol por un buen rato, quizas todo el dia.

Dia 2

Mi amiga Juana estaba necia que queria ir a la bocana, con su amigo Chico, asi que decidimos rentar un moto por ahi cerca y nos fuimos a acampar a la bocana de San Juan.

El cuidandero Chago nos habia dicho que estaba la playa de Metalio al otro lado, y la Barra de Santiago al lado derecho (Que quedaba mas cerca para nosotros) asi que ahi fuimos 🙂

Este fue de mis dias favoritos ya que pasamos muchas casas de playa, de hecho muchas estaban en alquiler y a buenos precios!

Dia 3

Este fue nuestro ultimo dia, ya que solo teniamos del Viernes al Domingo.

Asi que me meti a mirar las mareas del dia, y fuimos al mar.

Lastima que no nos pudimos quedar mas tiempo pero cada momento en el Rancho Sofia valio la pena la verdad.

En Conclusion

Siempre rebuscate.

Encuentra las mejores ofertas cuando estes mirando de alquiler de ranchos en la Playa. Es asi como encontraras buenas ofertas como la del Rancho Sofia que nos costo como $150 por dia, y tiene como 4 cuartos en el cual cabian muchas personas, asi que si compartes el costo con amigos vale la pena!

Espero que mi blog les motive a viajar a las playas, y para los que hablen solo Ingles ya quedense aqui, que pronto escribire nuevos posts en Ingles.

Que disfruten!

No se les olvide ver este video muy bueno de la playa de Costa Azul en El Salvador asi pueden irse preparando por si les interesa!


Are Hotels Really Meeting The Needs of Health-Conscious Guests?

spring hotels magazine supplements

We’ve all heard it. It is very challenging to stay fit while on the road.

Many fitness experts claim that it’s easy.

All you need to do is “pack some apples, almonds and fat burner pills” and you are good to go. Even if the hotel room doesn’t have a kitchen you’ll be alright, as all you need is water to pop your pills, gulp a shake and eat your apple.

The issue here is that many business travelers are too busy to think about these things, and sometimes they rather have “nicer meals” without having to break their healthy diet routine.

Perhaps at home they’ll have a juicy grass-fed steak with some organic veggies, which means that a week away with just protein shakes and apples just does not cut it for them.

What If the restaurant at the hotel, or the room service offered some nice healthy options that go beyond the usual Cesar salad?

That would be something that many would definitely enjoy and embrace!

What about a place to train?

spring hotels magazine room

(Source: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/fitness-hotels-trend-2015-5)

The regular tiny gyms that most hotels offer seem to be “Enough” for the average traveler who just needs a treadmill, stationary bicycle (or even weights that reach up to 50 lbs).

What about a proper gym where you have kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells and perhaps even yoga/zumba classes?

Well that could be a whole new story..

According to the Business Insider, there is a growing trend of hotels trying to cater for these health-conscious travelers. That can only be a great thing, as we are becoming both more MOBILE and HEALTHY.

As of this time, this growing trend is like any new trend..that is = Expensive!

No worries, as this market gets validated by expensive and boutique hotels, and more people opt for health and fitness hotels, this trend will become mainstream, and even cheaper and smaller hotels will have to get on this trend in order to survive.


Besides food and exercise, what else could health conscious travelers demand?

This is the ability to network and meet other like minded people.

We all know that going to the gym and having dinner (albeit healthy) is boring, and that is why the “hidden” trend will not just be for group exercises organized by hotels, but hotels will provide the facilities for guests to organize them themselves and even go on trips.

For example, if staying at a hotel on the weekend with no work activities planned, then the hotel would be able to encourage guests to go on hiking trips, running or cycling providing lists for guests to sign up ,and even if these are not “officially” organized by the hotels, they would make a world of a difference between guests staying in their rooms munching on pizza and watching Netflix and hanging out with other fitness enthusiasts while enjoying nature.

So next time you go on a semi-long business trip and decide to pack up your whole bottle of whey protein, fat burning supplements and nuts, consider “health hotels”.

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